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Mortgage Interest Rates: Why Buying or Selling NOW is Your Best Option

Homebuyers have enjoyed the lowest interest rates in quite some time over the past several years, but that time is coming to a close. Interest rates are already increasing

Diamonds and Deals: What Kind of House Do You Have?

In today’s market, it takes more than an average home to sell for top prices. These homes are constantly competing with foreclosures, short sales, estates, and more.

Open House: Will It Help My Home Sell?

If you venture out for a Sunday drive this weekend, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see at least one open house sign. Sometimes you may see several.

Price Point: What’s the Magic Number?

Most sellers the Horton Team talks to say they want to get the most money in the shortest time with the least amount of hassle. This leads us to the most important question

5 Benefits of a Pre-Inspection

When was the last time you thoroughly examined your entire attic, crawlspace, or even your roof? If you want to ensure a smooth, easy transaction and avoid any unwelcome

4 Tips for a Smooth Relocation

Whether you’re moving for work or just for a change of pace, relocation is becoming more popular than ever. Minimize the stresses of moving by trying some of these

How to Pick a Real Estate Agent

Should You Get a Home Warranty?

One of the most common questions we hear is whether or not a seller or someone looking for Newburgh and Evansville homes for sale should purchase a home warranty for the home.

5 Questions Buyers Ask About Your Home

a buyer approaches you and asks a few questions you don’t know how to answer. It feels like the whole room of potential buyers is staring at you

Matterport: A REAL Unsurpassed Virtual Tour

When it comes to real estate marketing, the cutting edge is what separates the experts from everyone else. Whether this edge is comprised of techniques or tools,

A Career in Real Estate — Is it Right for You?

Starting a career in real estate can be one of the most unnerving decisions you’ll make in your life. It can also be one of the most rewarding.

Home Staging — 5 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you’ve probably seen photos from other listings that either stand out brilliantly or make you squirm in your seat.

4 Reasons to Hire a Buyer’s Agent

Everyone knows that buying a home can be one of the most stressful events of your life. Not only is it usually the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make,

4 Simple Things to Know Before Buying Your First Investment Property

Purchasing an investment property can be one of the most valuable real estate transactions that you’ll ever make. It can also be one of the most risky.

6 Reasons to Sell Your Home with a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to selling your home, everyone wants to get the most money for the least amount of hassle in the shortest time possible. While this can still be achieved when selling on your own

What Can You Learn When Your Neighbor Sells Their Home?

Everyone loves to play the nosy neighbor from time to time. Did you know you can use that curiosity to your advantage? A neighbor’s home sale can be a gold mine of knowledge when preparing to sell yours.

4 Reasons Buyers Aren’t Interested in Your Home

You’ve spent all this time planning the sale of your home, preparing for your Open House, and searching for your next home online. Although you can’t hardly contain your excitement, your home has failed to produce any showings.

Why You Need Buyer Representation During New Construction

Whether you’re just starting to think about new construction, or are ready to get in contact with a builder, there’s one step you absolutely can’t forget: establishing buyer representation.

4 Tips for a Smooth Relocation and How to Let Go of Your Home

When someone is required to relocate for work, downsize because of expenses, or move for any other reason that is out of their hands, it can become difficult to let go of your home that you’ve always loved.

New Year’s Resolution: Selling Your Home in the New Year

The holiday season is quickly coming to a close, and 2019 is just around the corner! If you’re thinking about selling your home in the New Year, see what steps you can take to get ahead of the market.

5 Landscaping Tips to Add Value to Your Home

Did you know the outside of the home is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling? Check out these landscaping tips to see what updates you can make to add value to your home.

Top Rated Local for Real Estate in Indiana Names Horton Team in List of 2019 Award Winners

We are happy to announce that Top Rated Local® has named the Horton Team on their list of 2019 Award Winners for real estate in Indiana!

5 Popular Types of Homebuyers in Newburgh and Evansville

We are happy to announce that Top Rated Local® has named the Horton Team on their list of 2019 Award Winners for real estate in Indiana!

Best Open House Length — How Long Should My Open House Last?

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you’re probably considering hosting an Open House. But do you know what is the best open house length to attract buyers? Learn all about hosting a strategic Open House to get your home sold quickly!

How to Price Your Home Properly and Sell for the Most Money

When it comes time to sell, one of the most important factors is deciding how to price your home properly. How do you make sure you’re getting all your home is worth? Try these three methods to figure out which price will help your home sell for the most money.

3 Tips for Selling a Home with a Pool

Having a pool at home can be one of the nicest things to look forward to after a hot summer day. But what about when it’s time to sell? Selling a home with a pool can feel challenging, but following our tips below can mean the difference between sinking or floating your final dollar amount!

5 Effective Ways to Boost Curb Appeal of Your Home

When prospective buyers look at your home, the first thing they’ll notice is your home’s exterior and the way it presents itself from the road or driveway. Learn how to make your home stand out by employing our 5 ways to boost your curb appeal when it’s time to sell!

Why is Now the Best Time for Sellers to Sell in Evansville?

If you have thought about selling your Evansville and Newburgh home in the next year or so, you should really consider selling now because this is the best time for sellers to sell.

How to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween

How are we going to be sure that we’ll have a fun and safe Halloween during this post-pandemic? What are the activities that you can do? Here are some ideas to enjoy “the new normal” together with your family and closest friends.

Zillow Zestimate: What You Need to Know

Why is your home’s Zestimate lower than the actual listing price? Why do homebuyers trust Zillow’s Zestimate? This blog post will answer these questions as we help you, as a home seller, see what the problems are, understand what you get in the 2020 update, and how our team could help you.

Home Security: 4 Tips to Protect Your Data at Home

Do you know how to secure your identity and other personal data? Now that everything is getting more and more automated, data protection can also be quite confusing — especially if you don’t know where to start.

Event Calendar: Things to Do in Evansville Indiana

On this event calendar, we’ve gathered a list of things to do in Evansville, Indiana this month for you and your family. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Evansville, IN this weekend, or in the coming weeks, with links to find the tickets, go back to this post.