Matterport a real virtual tour

Matterport: A REAL Virtual Tour

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When it comes to real estate marketing, the cutting edge is what separates the experts from everyone else. Whether this edge is comprised of techniques or tools, it’s important that it provides value to the client. One of the Horton Team’s favorite tools of this variety is our 3D Matterport Camera.

What is Matterport?

In the world of media technology, this company tops the list when it comes to immersive, visual representation. Matterport uses their patented tech to create realistic illustrations of real locations. After being founded in 2011, this company made it their goal to change the way businesses interact over physical spaces. Although they serve many industries, Matterport technologies are perfect for real estate. With so many companies and real estate agencies advertising their own “virtual tours” (aka a slideshow made of pictures of the home with music in the background), it’s refreshing to witness tech that is much closer to 3D.

How does the tour work?

Matterport uses a high resolution 3D camera to capture physical space. These cameras are all-in-one systems and are capable of 4K photography and Virtual Reality integration. Along with these primary functions, the Matterport camera has a few more tricks, including the ability to measure dimensions with 99% accuracy and produce detailed floor plans. In order to generate a 3D model of a location, the camera must be moved around the building to capture digital scans. These scans must be captured roughly five feet apart, and they take about one minute per scan. Once the entire location has been scanned, the 3D tour must be uploaded and processed before it can be viewed. After the model has been created, a user can view the entire location by gliding from scan to scan or view the entire model in a dollhouse mode.

What value does a Matterport tour provide to a buyer?

As mentioned before, this tool is perfect for real estate. The Horton Team captures a Matterport tour on all our homes for sale in Newburgh and Evansville. For buyers, this 3D tour helps in a few different ways. The first benefit is that you’re able to preview the house before contacting an agent. Unlike the moving slideshows described above, the Matterport 3D virtual tour gives the user the ability to look at any surface of the home that has been recorded. With this power, buyers can take an unguided tour on the couch via their smartphone, tablet, or VR device without needing a real estate agent to let them in the home. Another benefit is that buyers can use this tool to narrow down their list of homes so they don’t waste their time or their real estate agent’s time. With the market as hot as it is, it’s important that buyers move quickly when looking for a home so their top pick isn’t sold before they can see it!

What value does a Matterport tour provide to a seller?

Although the buyer may experience the more exciting end of this tool, sellers can still benefit. Even with the quick advancement of digital technology for advertising, word of mouth is still a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Of course sellers will tell their friends and family that their home is for sale, but how much more memorable is that statement when you combine it with a link to a 3D virtual tour of the home that they can easily view and share with their friends? Which would you have an easier time remembering: the verbal address of a friend’s friend’s home, or a virtual tour of their home for sale? Another benefit for sellers is that these tours will help eliminate unsure buyers by giving them the opportunity to preview the home. Doing so will cut down on showing requests and wasted time for the seller and the agent.

We do our best to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to ways to market your home. Although we still incorporate the use of still photography, this Matterport 3D camera is a tool that brings great value to our team and our clients, especially when most of the competition is still using the archaic picture slideshow. Want to learn more about Matterport 3D technology? You can view some of our most recent virtual tours on our website. If you’re thinking about selling, contact us today to list your home and get your very own virtual tour!


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