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4 Tips for a Smooth Relocation and How to Let Go of Your Home

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When someone is required to relocate for work, downsize because of expenses, or move for any other reason that is out of their hands, it can become difficult to let go of your home that you’ve always loved. How can you make the transition of selling a home easier? See what steps you can take to improve your experience and let go of your house.

Let Go of Your Home as Early as Possible

If you have to put your Newburgh or Evansville home up for sale, one of the best strategies to let go of your home is to begin the process as soon as possible. This step can mean different things for different people. Some need to start with more of a psychological disconnect, while others can only begin the process by physical action. If you’re unsure where to start, try something easy like packing up your photos and personal possessions. The more empty your rooms are, the more your residence will begin to look less like a home and more like a house (more on this below). Even if you don’t have another home to move your possessions into right away, simply boxing them up and storing them in a guest room or garage will help you begin to let go of your home. Actions like these are a good way to prepare yourself to leave the home. Along those same lines, find a good way to say goodbye. Just like above, this step can be different depending on the person and their feelings. Some may elect to invite all their friends and family over for one final blowout party, while others may prefer a secluded night alone or with their family, reminiscing over the memories made. Regardless of which category you fall into, focus on starting this process early; doing so will help you disconnect from your home earlier than later.

Try thinking about what all you will gain rather than what you will lose. Share on X

Change Your Way of Thinking

Have you ever heard the phrase “your perception is your reality?” This is true when it’s time to let go of your home. Selling a house is stressful, so it’s important to focus on the positives that will come in the future rather than any negative feelings you may harbor during the transition. Try thinking about what all you will gain rather than what you will lose. You may be moving into a nicer home or a better neighborhood, or you may meet new neighbors that become some of your best friends. You’ll also gain the opportunity to show off your new home with a housewarming party or related event. Another way to let go of your home is to change your way of thinking about the word home. Have you noticed that many real estate agents in Newburgh and Evansville refer to the location as a “house” when they’re talking to sellers and a “home” when they’re talking to buyers? That isn’t unintentional. There’s something a little more detached in the word house, whereas the word home carries with it emotions of togetherness, safety, and peacefulness. Try to rebrand the word home in your mind to signify these emotions or important people in your life. That’s what “home” means—your “house” is merely a product to be sold.

Make Sure You’re Ready to Let Go of Your Home

Obviously this section won’t apply to you if you’re relocating for a mandatory reason, such as for a new job, but it’s an important note for those who aren’t in that situation. At the end of the day, you probably don’t have to move. If the moving process is too overwhelming and you can’t part with your home, don’t be afraid to postpone. Like mentioned before, moving out of your home is a stressful endeavor. If you aren’t fully on board, you’re only going to make the process more strenuous. You can always work with a local real estate agent to smooth the transition, but you really need to be flexible to have a good moving experience. Even during the moving-out period, you may experience negative interactions with a potential buyer or the buyer’s representative, or you may hear negative feedback about your home (don’t take anything personal!). To counter those negative stresses, you need to make sure you’re ready to let go of your home before you begin the home selling journey.

Remember: just because you’re leaving the four walls where you made some of your best memories doesn’t mean that you have to leave those memories behind too. If you need help reaching a point where you’re comfortable selling your home, reach out to our team. We’ll show you what you’ll gain by moving into a new house, and we’ll also work hard to create the most positive experience possible. Together we can soothe your qualms and get your home sold confidently.

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