How to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween

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Halloween has been one of the biggest holidays in America. Nearly everyone gets excited about having costume parties or going to haunted attractions. Some are looking forward to unleashing their creativity by carving jack-o lanterns. The kids and their parents are excited about trick-or-treating. Of all of these activities, the candies and baked goodies are of utmost importance.

Halloween is a big day for the candy industry. It also seems that people are confident for it to continue because it’s already post-pandemic. It’s still the new normal, but it’s still bound to happen. The question is, how are we going to be sure that we’ll have a fun and safe Halloween during this pandemic? What are the activities that you can do with social distancing? Here are some ideas to enjoy “the new normal” together with your family and closest friends.


We’re not yet sure about Warrick and Vanderburgh Counties, but in some areas only trunk-or-treating is allowed. There isn’t going to be any trick-or-treating for the safety of your kids. How are you going to make sure that the kids will have fun and everyone is still going to be safe?

Kids in costumes for Halloween

First is to plan it in advance with your closest friends and family members. You could rent out a parking lot, or just use one of yours, where everyone could gather with their decorated cars and trunks!

Little girl in a costume holding a bucket

The second is to make sure that you implement social distancing. Don’t just remind everyone to wash their hands. Carry that sanitizing solution with you at all times. The best practice you can do is to prepare the candies in packs or bags. This way, kids wouldn’t put their hands in the bucket of candies. They can just pick a pack of candies right from the trunk.

children holding jackolantern

Third, trunk-or-treating with your family and close friends wouldn’t be complete without the costumes. Besides, the kids would love it that you’ll be in costumes, too. Everyone likes to dress up or be in character for Halloween. Some are overly excited about this that they’ve most likely already bought one online a month or two before the event!

Halloween Baking

If you want to stay extra safe but still want to have goodies in your home during Halloween, try baking with your family. Share your baking skills and creativity as you make some cake and cookies together and bond with your kids. It’s also probably the best time to finally share your secret pumpkin pie recipe with your children.

colorful cookies with monster eyes

In order to be prepared for this, you’ll also need to plan ahead. Prepare the ingredients before they disappear from the shelves of your local stores. For this season, online shopping has been vitally important to many. So, you better not wait until the last week of October.

orange and black macarons

Decorating this Halloween

We may have to miss the fun carnivals and the zombie farm this year, but we surely wouldn’t miss the fun of decorating our homes for Halloween. Have you started to prepare for this?

If you don’t have a lot of time to decorate, you could still spice up your front yard for Halloween without much effort. All you’ve got to do is place a hologram there and play it during Halloween night.

Kids carving huge pumpkins

However, It’s still more fun to put some effort into your decorations this Halloween – especially for the kids! You can help them enhance their creativity with your experience. Carve out that classic jack-o lantern together and decorate your front porch with it. Your school-age kids would surely love to cut out some of the DIY decorations you found on Pinterest and decorate your windows and doors with it.

two jack-o-lanterns sitting on a table on the yard

With all these changes in tradition, it’s still going to be fun for every child to see a well-decorated home for Halloween. How much more if it’s a well-decorated neighborhood? You’ll drive them through and they’ll feel the fun and spookiness of Halloween. You have been compelled to forever bond with your kids and grandkids this year, and that’s great! Now that Halloween is coming, you can spice it up by sharpening your creativity and passing your talents to your kids and grandkids. This way, as you stay home and stay safe, you will be productive this Halloween while having fun with your family.

Happy Halloween!

– From the Horton Team

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