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Tired of trying to find the perfect home in Evansville and Newburgh, Indiana?
Are you feeling frustrated because you’ve been trying to sell your house but it kept on falling through?

Our real estate service is the only one in Newburgh and Evansville, Indiana that helps home buyers and sellers, like you, accomplish your real estate wants and needs. We’ll do the work for you — all you have to do is wait.

With our experience, extensive knowledge about the market, and marketing strategy, we can find your new home or sell your house in no time.

We want a world where you don’t need to worry about selling your house or finding the perfect home that fits your needs — let us do that for you.

Aside from being so dedicated to helping you sell your home—so that you can spend more time on things that truly matter— we’ve got so much more to offer. We’re so excited to tell you all of that. We’re excited to tell you everything you need to know about what the Horton Team can truly do for you. But first, meet the team!

First off, the Horton Team started with a small team of marketing and listings specialists—John and Kristi Horton. Our on-office manager and online assistants soon joined it. And because of the team effort, we’re proud to let you know that we made it to the distinguished list of REAL Trends top agents in Indiana! Now, we also have buyer specialists — one of them specializes in new construction!

"I have dealt with multiple realtors. The Horton team was easy to work with. They know the market, they know the buyers, and they know how to market the house effectively. Other realtors wanted me to take a huge financial hit, just so they could sell the house quickly. Plus, the others didn't want to do any open houses. I sold my house very close to asking price, and I'm very satisfied. I highly recommend the Horton team. They literally work with you, and they are persistent."

David Brickey
Home Owner

Meet The Horton Team

horton team real estate agents evansville

John & Kristi Horton
Listing Specialists


Now that a team is in place, John and Kristi combine their real estate and business backgrounds to focus primarily on listings and sellers. At Keller Williams, agents use their personal number on all sign and internet materials. This means that any calls or leads from your home will go directly to John or Kristi. This works to the benefit of both buyers and sellers because the Horton Team will be the agents who know the most about your house or the house you’re interested in. John and Kristi utilize their experience, assertiveness, and attention to detail to ensure that your listed home will find the perfect buyer at top dollar amount. Their responsiveness and competencies across the board also provide a strong base necessary for leading the Horton Team from the top down.

Kristi Raben Horton Team

Kristi Raben
Buyer Specialist | New Construction Specialist


Kristi Raben, the Horton Team's Buyer's and New Construction Specialist, will help you navigate the home buying experience, from helping with the pre-approval process through closing day. She graduated from Southern Illinois University and focused on a career tailored around management, marketing, sales/customer service, and human resources, which eventually led her to the Horton Team. Although she has lived in Evansville for many years, Kristi loves the outdoors and still spends much of her free time in Southern Illinois with her family. When she’s not volunteering with organizations such as Honor Flight of Southern Indiana, Heather Treat Memorial, or Logan’s Promise, you’ll find her living out her dream job: putting people in homes they love. With an enthusiasm for real estate and a passion for service, Kristi will help you whether you’re looking for an existing home or a new construction. You can trust that Kristi will give you her best when working together.

horton team real estate agents evansville

Zack Chaykowsky
Buyer Specialist


Zack Chaykowsky joined the Horton Team as a Buyer Specialist in June of 2021. With a passion for helping others, Zack will give anyone looking to buy a home the best experience possible, consistently going above and beyond expectations for his clients. During his childhood, Zack moved around quite a bit and believes that nothing beats the great feeling of finding a place to live and call home. Helping others to experience that moment of excitement and relief was the driving force in him pursuing a career in real estate. Prior to joining the Horton Team, Zack earned his bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Education from Bryan College in Tennessee, taught algebra at Henderson County High School, and coached basketball for two years. Having settled down in Evansville, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, coaching basketball, and traveling. Zack is very hardworking, goal-driven, focused on his number one goal - finding you the house of your dreams!

horton team real estate agents evansville

Sarah Key
Office Manager


Sarah Key, with her enthusiastic focus, is the Horton Team's master on building and maintaining customer relationships and overall team member communication. After graduating from Indiana State University, Sarah began a career in the Internet Lead Management field with an emphasis on customer service and process efficiency. Once she started a family, Sarah established an interest in attending Open Houses and exploring residential real estate, the local property market, and the development of local neighborhoods. It was this set of interests that led her to the Horton Team and propelled her to explore a career in real estate. Sarah now combines her recent work experience, real estate interests, and personalized approach with clients to manage the team environment in the office and help streamline the communication process for buyers and sellers. Her outgoing personality and attention to detail result in an efficient and pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Kristi Raben Horton Team

Wilma E. Rellora III
Marketing Director


Wilma III “Wam” Rellora joined the Horton Team in July of 2013 as a marketing assistant. She began her career as a content and copywriter after graduating in 2007. She is currently getting another degree, Major in Professional Studies with clusters on Web Development and Business Analysis, at Brigham Young University – Idaho. Her love for technology and learning led her to a career in marketing, which eventually guided her to meeting the Horton Team and learning about Real Estate. She became the team's Marketing Director in October 2019 - now working full-time. With her jane-of-all-trades skills, diligence, curiosity and love for learning, she is constantly making sure that all of the team’s marketing efforts are met. She believes in the goals and visions of our clients because what’s important to you is important to us, too.

horton team real estate agents evansville

Klyrr Nicole Labuntog
Administrative Assistant


Nicole Klyrr Labuntog joined the Horton Team in May 2020 as a Personal Assistant to John and Kristi Horton. Graduating from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan with a B.S. in Psychology, Nicole has a diverse professional background. She has worked as a Human Resource Assistant in the matters of Recruitment and Selection process, as well as English as Second Language (ESL) teacher to Chinese learners, and eventually worked as a Real Estate Administrative Assistant for Keller Williams (KW) MAPS Coach where she worked with all KW programs including Command. She was also responsible for managing projects, listing paperworks and in charge of most administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, communicating with clients, preparing reports and drafting documents. Nicole is committed to supporting the team in achieving growth and success. Integrity, honesty and determination are the philosophies she strives for in all aspects of her life. Nicole has a passion for growth and traveling; but most of all she loves spending time with her family and watching her sweet dogs grow.

What We Do for Home Sellers and Buyers

Located at the heart of Evansville, Indiana, the Horton Team serves the five southwestern Indiana markets of Gibson, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick County. Having a team of experts who cares, we constantly work to improve our tactics in selling the home of each person who walks in our office.

Our office has a manager that cares dearly about your needs as our client. We also have virtual assistants to help create an organized and creative presentation of every home that the Horton Team works with.

So, what’s the catch? Well, we will do the finding, selling, or worrying for you — all while YOU wait!

With the people we have and the tools we use, we can solve all your real estate problems for you.

Our Story

The Horton Team began selling homes in 2004 with John and Kristi Horton—the power couple. They’ve combined their backgrounds in sales, marketing, business management, and entrepreneurship, and bravely entered the real estate market.

They’ve initially intended to gain more knowledge in the real estate industry in order to serve their clients better. And as the years went by, they actually did! In fact, their combined knowledge and experience made them become the TOP Producing Agents in the office as they’ve reached high ranks in the Newburgh and Evansville real estate areas. And they did all of that for YOU—their client.

Now, home sellers and buyers reap the benefits of the Horton Team’s over 17 years of experience. This made them more capable of handling any transaction with professionalism and care needed in order to provide you with the best possible buying, or selling, experience. What started as a listing-agent duo became a dynamic team of talented specialists who are all competent within a wide range of fields.

The unmatched experience of the whole team means you will get proven transaction handling and marketing solutions. These solutions are critically designed to generate a sale with greater credibility, a higher possibility of selling your home, and faster transaction. In fact, as a team, we’re proud to say that our digital marketing solutions have helped produce an astounding $205,958 sale for sellers in one year. We have everything you need in one place.

The MOVE to Keller Williams

Keller Williams is the largest real estate company in the United States. And that is not the only reason why the Horton Team decided to join the boat. It is all about having our client’s best interest in mind.

We want to take care of you, and with Keller Williams policy, we can do that! For example, under KW policy, all incoming calls are directed to our team. That means clients can trust that any inquiries about their home will go straight to our team that knows about YOUR HOUSE. Your calls wouldn’t go to a front desk receptionist, nor would it go to another agent who may try to steer you away to other properties listed for sale. Once you’ve decided to call us, YOU can immediately reach US!

So What’s the Difference?

Once you hire this team, not only will you get our agents with diverse strengths and focus on their duties, you’ll also get a combine background in sales, marketing, business management and entrepreneurship.

But you know what? That’s not all of it. That’s not even the main difference why the Horton Team is unique compared to other real estate agents.

For example, there are some agents who tries to wear all of the hats. That’s not the Horton Team. Why? The danger of wearing so many hats is that it will restrict our time and ability as real estate agents, resulting in to a much lower level of client service. We don’t want this to happen because you are important to us.

So, what do we do?

We specialize.

We specialize in each aspect of the buying or selling process. We are directly involving our business and your goals as our clients, whether you are buying, selling, or doing both.

We work hard so that we can be better agents. We are constantly investing and training on new systems, procedures, marketing opportunities, and technologies to ensure YOUR better EXPERIENCE and OUTCOME.

Our Team Statistics (December 16, 2020 – December 15, 2021)

Our Stats

Avg. Days on

44 days

Avg. Sold


Avg. List-to-Sell


Clients we helped move in last 12 months

86 families / homes

Local MLS Stats

Avg. Days on

47 days

Avg. Sold


Avg. List-to-Sell


Avg. Clients moved in last 12 months

17 families / homes


& Warrick


Avg. Days on Market

12 days

Avg. Sold


Avg. List-to-Sell Ratio


The Horton Team Helped 27 Families Sell Their Home in the Last 12 Month Period

MLS Stats

& Warrick

Avg. Days on Market

20 days

Avg. Sold


Avg. List-to-Sell Ratio


Average Agent Helped 5 Families Sell Their Home in the Last 12 Month Period

Our Team Statistics
(December 16, 2020 – December 15, 2021)
OUR STATS Vanderburgh & Warrick
AVG. SOLD PRICE : $202,351
The Horton Team Helped 27 Families Sell Their Home in the Last 12 Month Period

Local MLS Stats (Past 12 Mo.)
Vanderburgh & Warrick
AVG. SOLD PRICE : $210,983

Average Agent Helped 5 Families Sell Their Home in the Last 12 Month Period

"The Horton Team proved to us that they were professional and very proactive. We have attempted to sell our house for 4 years with no success. With a few updates and extensive marketing, the Horton team was successful in just a few months. We highly recommend the Horton Team!!!!!"

Robert and Rebecca Mayes

Why Choose the Horton Team?

The combined effort of our team can meet the criteria of all home buyers or sellers in terms of personality and specialties. Here are some of these characteristics.

  • Superior Familiarization with our Markets

    We study the local markets, like neighborhoods and subdivisions in Evansville and Newburgh, Indiana. We also look at prices so that we can understand the market better. Then we tell people our information so they can buy or sell homes in these places. No other agents can tell you more about the local market than the Horton Team."
    "The Horton team is excellent to work with from not only a personal standpoint but knowledge of the industry. I highly recommend anyone to work with the Hortons!"
    Joe Hermes
    Business Development

    "We cannot say enough about John & Kristi and their staff. Their advice on how to make our home more appealing to buyers, along with their marketing strategy was a big success! We highly recommend the Horton Team."
    Linda T.

  • Desire to Follow Through

    If we say we will do something, we will do it. We back up this guarantee with an easy-out clause—if you are ever unhappy with our services, simply withdraw your listing or interest in working with us. You are not bound by a six-month listing agreement or loyalty agreement to shop with our buyer agent.
    "We are really glad we found the Horton Team! Our situation was a little more unique than most and John and Kristi jumped through all of the ever-shrinking hoops to get our house sold. We were kept up to date on all transactions and everything was explained in depth so we know what was happening as it was happening."
    Sean B.

  • Organization

    Other agents may lose track of your listing or buying interest. The Horton Team won’t let that happen. We are using various programs and processes to stay on top of the tasks necessary to satisfy you, the client. Our task management systems ensure that we do what needs to be done to get optimal results in the shortest period of time.
    "In a two year time span, John and Kristi helped me sell one home, purchase another and sell it again when I decided to move out of state – all in record time! First home sold in 2 days; the second just under 2 weeks. They are excellent at advising home modifications that get you top dollar without breaking the bank. Utilizing modern technology and all of today’s advertising hot spots, home buyers fall in love with your home before they’ve even left their living room! The Horton Team is knowledgable, professional and personable – the very best in the business!"
    Sherry D.

  • Sincere Listening and Advising

    We are not just giving you what you want to hear. We will listen to what you are saying and give the best advice for your needs. During our walkthrough or consultation of your listing or home preference, we will ask as many questions as necessary to fully understand your buying or listing aspirations.
    "Kristin Raben was a dream to work with. She showed us house after house, even when I may have been a bit annoying about it. I didn’t think it could get any better until I met John and Kristi Horton. Everyone was so tolerable of my many late night and early morning questions. They made the process easy and answered every single question."
    Kelly Carnal

    "John & Kristi have sold 2 homes for us over the past 2 years with outstanding results! By completing their recommended updates to our houses, we sold each home in a matter of days and very near asking price. They know the market and what buyers are looking for. They are conscientious of repair costs and make recommendations that get you the most bang for your buck. They use every available method of advertising that gets your house seen and sold! John & Kristi's combined talents make them a top-notch sales team!"
    Kenneth and Sherry de Jonge

  • Team of Licensed Agents

    When you work with the Horton Team, you get advice from MULTIPLE experts for the price of one. We each have our own skill set and we each specialize in a different field. This will make your customer experience better because there is someone who can answer any question that comes up during the process of buying or selling a house.
    "While searching for homes, my wife and I kept seeing the Keller Williams Horton Team on a lot of our favorite listings. We had a realtor but it never felt right. We decided to give Horton Team a call and what a blessing it was. Miss Sarah answered, got my name, asked me to hold and within seconds, Kristi Raben picked up and we were off to the races. We had a day of looking for homes planned and she called back within a few hours letting us know all 6 homes were able to be seen within a few days. Kristi did something else amazing too and that was recommend someone for our home mortgage. She put us in touch with Clint at Guaranteed Rate and he really stepped up to the plate in what might have been a difficult mortgage for others. We found the home we wanted and it checked off all of the boxes we had. Everyone there from John, his wife Kristi, Kristi Raben and Sarah, were all just the nicest people you could have on your side. They held our hands every time we needed them to and they fought for us on every issue as if it was their own money. We really can’t say enough great things to get you to hire them on your team. Just do it and tell them Joe & Carrie Shaw sent you. They will make your whole experience much less stressful and that I guarantee!"
    Joe Shaw

  • Honesty and Credibility

    We will always tell you the truth. It is important for us to have a good reputation with our clients and other real estate agents. We work as a team so that we can find the best price or offer in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of hassles.
    "John and Kristi sold two homes for us. One had been listed with another agent before and just didn't move. They advised us of what we needed to do to make it saleable and were helpful beyond what we expected through the entire process. That home sold and the next home we listed with them sold in a week. They were personable, professional, and worked around the clock for us. They are honest, fair, and exceptional resources for anyone selling a home"
    Garret and MaryAnne Mathews

    "John and Kristi proactively sought us out when they knew we had not succeeded in selling our home the first time. They had innovative business strategies that went above and beyond what other realtors would done. They had a tenacity and expertise that kept us on track and on goal all the way through to the closing of our home sale, even when we wanted to let the deal fall through. They make a great team, working well together and complimenting each other's strengths. We had no hesitation in recommending them to our friends who ended up selling two homes with John and Kristi as their representatives, and we would not hesitate to use their services again."
    Randy and Cheryl Pickett
    Sr. Coatings Engineer and Medical Laboratory Scientist

    "Need to sell your house, contact John and Kristi, We did and they sold our house in less than 24 hours. We were amazed, didn't even get the sign up before an offer was made. They are wonderful, and will work hard to get the job done."
    Darlene Havener

The Horton Team is your expert for all things to do with your real estate. We can help you with the price of the house, financing options, marketing, home staging, and anything else that might come up when buying or selling your house. Contact us today to learn more about buying or selling a home in Newburgh or Evansville and Warrick or Vanderburgh County.
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The Horton Team at Keller Williams has served their real estate clients in south west Indiana since 2004. Below is a sampling of the reviews. If you would like to leave your review for the Horton Team click here.

Shane Bonaparte

They were very professional in dealing with me, keeping me informed on the progress of my property, if someone liked it or did not like it and what we can do to improve it’s saleability.

Betsy Corley

John & Kristi Horton really know how to get the job done and get it done extremely well! We would recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy and/or sell property!!

Jared Raben

I bought my house right on time, before the market went crazy! It was a smooth and easy process and would refer The Horton Team to anyone in the market looking to buy a house.

Rick Fletcher

They was very helpful when buying our first house i highly recommend them.

Madison Everett

As a first home buyer, they were extremely helpful and patient with us throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend them to any first home buyer!

Carrie Shaw

I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful Kristi and the whole Horton team are!!! They were very helpful in every step of the process of purchasing our new home. If you are looking for an agent I highly recommend Kristi!! We will definitely be using them again in the future!

Eric Mousseau

Great people just leave the selling up to them it’s so worth the commission you pay. They are all over it.

Jennifer Arnold

The Horton Team has been wonderful in both helping us find our new home and sell our previous one. They were very patient with our questions in the process and helped make sure we found exactly what we wanted in our new home.

Sonya Fenwick

I have worked with the Horton team many times over the past 20 years. They are knowledgeable, helpful, and have the resources to help you sell your home. When buying a home they truly listen to what you’re looking for. I highly recommend the Horton team for any of your real estate needs.