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5 Questions Buyers Ask About Your Home

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What are the questions buyers ask about your home? Here’s a scenario; during your open house, a buyer approaches you and asks a few questions you don’t know how to answer. It feels like the whole room of potential buyers is staring at you, waiting for you to respond. Well, that’s really scary, but it doesn’t have to happen to you! Although this is just a start, check out these five common questions that buyers will ask about your home for sale so you’re more prepared for when the day comes.

Why are you selling?

This is one of the most common questions buyers ask sellers. The answer can reveal a lot about the home or the seller themselves.

If the seller is moving because they feel too cramped in their current house, buyers may decide they too want to avoid that problem. If the seller is moving due to relocation for a job or to retire and move to Florida, there’s a chance they may wish to accelerate the selling process and accept an offer lower than their listed price.

Be sure to craft an answer that is honest, but one that doesn’t reveal any negative thoughts about your home or your eagerness to move.

How old is the roof?

For good reason, buyers are always concerned about the age of your home’s roof and when it will need to be replaced. Have this information readily available on paper or at least memorize key dates.

It’s also a good idea to know the answer to this same question for other amenities of your home. Some examples of questions buyers ask are when was your water heater installed, how old your air conditioning unit is, or even when you last purchased appliances.

Knowing this information will not only give information to your buyer, but it will also make you appear knowledgeable and more committed to selling your home.

Are there any problems with neighbors or nuisances?

You’ve always wanted to rag on your neighbors—now’s your chance! Buyers are conscious of their surroundings and will consider them when deciding whether or not to put an offer on your house.

Think of any consistent problems or nuisances that originate from your neighbors. Are there parties always going on next door in the middle of the night? Is it hard to park because your neighbor frequently has so many people over? These are concerns buyers will want to know about, so be honest with them.

If you have really bad neighbors and are afraid of scaring potential buyers away, be sure to tell them about your good neighbors, too. The good may not always outweigh the bad, but it may be enough for the buyer to consider putting an offer on your home.

What are the monthly utility costs?

One of the most common questions buyers ask a seller in Newburgh or Evansville is how much they are paying for their monthly utility bill. You don’t legally have to answer this question if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, but there’s really no reason to avoid it.

The answer probably won’t sway buyers one way or the other, but it’s important that you can present them with an accurate price.

When you consider how much the potential buyer will be spending on your home, the amount of your monthly payment probably won’t scare them off—if it does, your house is probably out of their price range, to begin with. Some buyers may just want to know your payment so they can see if they should make efficiency improvements or not.

Have you had any problems with the home in the past?

Sometimes buyers will forget to ask this question, but it’s an important one. As with some of the questions above, you’ll want to be careful the way you answer so as to not scare aware potential buyers—but you still need to be upfront and honest.

“Problems” can mean just about anything—anything from termite infestations, subsidence from foundational issues, internet connectivity restrictions, a leaking basement, or many other things. You don’t have to explain every small issue you’ve ever had (especially if it was a small, one-time event that you fixed), but cover all of the major or alarming instances. Doing so may sound painful, but it could save you extra time and hassle once the inspection report comes back to the buyer.

What questions have you been asked when selling your home? If you’re a buyer, what else would you ask a homeowner before submitting an offer on their home? Hopefully, both parties feel more prepared after reading this— and stay tuned for more common questions buyers ask a seller. If you’d like help preparing to buy or sell your next home near Newburgh or Evansville, contact us today and we’ll help you answer these questions and many more!

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