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5 Benefits of a Pre-Inspection

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When was the last time you thoroughly examined your entire attic, crawlspace, or even your roof? If you want to ensure a smooth, easy transaction and avoid any unwelcome, last-minute surprises, we strongly recommend you order a pre-inspection through a licensed home inspector. While the benefits of a pre-inspection for your home are numerous, we’ve detailed a few of the most important ones below.

You’ll Become Aware of Unknown Issues

This might be the most inclusive and important benefit of getting a pre-inspection. Not only will you find potential problems that you would’ve otherwise overlooked, but you’ll also maintain the upper hand when it comes to negotiation. Whenever a buyer is the one who has to bring structural, conditional, or maintenance issues to the seller’s attention, you can bet the seller will be settling for a lower offer. It’s also important to note that once you become aware of these issues, you’ll may be able to mend the issues yourself or by hiring a handyman rather than a licensed contractor that most inspection report’s require. Hiring a handyman or repairing the problem on your own when selling your home will be much cheaper in the long run, but make sure you’re skilled enough and qualified to go the DIY route instead of using a licensed contractor.

Your Home Will Be More Attractive

Just as in the example above, most people searching homes for sale in Newburgh and Evansville aren’t going to be overly excited to find out the house they’ve had their eye on has a list of issues that need repair. If your home falls into this category, there’s a good chance that many potential buyers will be skipping your house and submitting an offer on a home that is more move-in ready. The more attractive and complete your home is, the more (and higher) offers you will receive. Remember that you want to sell a Diamond, not a Deal.

You’ll Look More Committed

Another important element that buyers look for when searching for a home is readiness to sell. If a seller hasn’t put in the time, money, and effort to repair their home and make it move-in ready, there’s a good chance that negotiations can become strained. If there are several problems with the home when it comes time for negotiation, buyers will most likely ask for various contingencies, ultimately giving you less money in your pocket.

Pre-Inspection Can Prevent Delays

As suggested above, pre-inspection can eliminate any hasty, last-minute repairs during the contract period. When these issues pop up, it’s all too common that closing is pushed back to allow time for maintenance or repairs to be made. Other common problems that arise without a pre-inspection include price re-negotiation, and in some unfortunate situations, the buyer may even be scared off and request a mutual release from the contract. While there are ways around these issues, they will certainly create unnecessary headache.

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You’ll Get More Money

Maybe one of the best benefits of getting a pre-inspection is you’ll end up with a better sales price. This happens two ways: first, your real estate agent will be able to more accurately price your home. The closer your listing’s price is to its market value, the better offers you can expect to receive. Second, as mentioned before, there will be less of a need for any contingencies, meaning that almost all of your incoming offers will be near your listing price. When this happens, a bidding war can result, meaning that you may even sell your home for above its market value. Some repairs may sound expensive, but just remember that you be making your money back in the sale, and you’ll probably end up making even more than you spent.

Pre-inspection can be the difference between getting low-end offers and several competing offers above your listing price. Only when your home is presented as a Diamond will you be able to avoid any hassle and delay during negotiations and closing. The Horton Team can provide you with a list of recommended home inspectors and handy-men for all needed repairs. If you’d like to learn more about pre-inspection or need help with a recommendation, contact The Horton Team today.

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